Gestalt Therapy
& Supervision

Therapy is a process, which requires time. Insights occur when the time is right; the change process and personal development cannot be made faster by force.

Often a therapist (or a supervisor) is consulted when a problem or a crisis occurs and the resources and tools of the individual to deal with the situation are not enough. Therapy is based on the contact and interaction between the client and the therapist. Metaphorically speaking, the therapist can hold a mirror before the client and thus help them to become aware of their typical thinking and operating patterns. The focus is on what is, not what should be. When I can accept what is I also make room for change to happen (the paradoxical theory of change).

The Gestalt approach, which originated in the era after the Second World War, has many roots such as Gestalt psychology, existentialism, psychoanalysis and Eastern philosophies (Tao, Zen). The influence of Eastern philosophies manifests in the significance of the now: I only have this moment where I can make choices. Growing awareness inspires me to ask new kind of questions: What am I aware of in myself? How is my contact with you and the environment? What happens in contact with another person and the environment? Increased awareness leads to insights: this is what I am responsible for, and these are the choices that I have made in my life. With growing awareness I can make new choices that support me to become the person who I really am, instead of who “I should be”.

You are welcome to Essential Therapy to discuss for example the following situations and themes in your life: the need for growing self-awareness, crises and loneliness, changes and challenges in the working life, major transitions in life, and the expatriate experience: moving and living abroad.

“When the pain of what we are going through becomes greater than the fear of change we change.”

– Garrison Wynn


  • Individual therapy 85€

    50 minutes / session in individual therapy

  • Couple therapy 130 €

    75 minutes / session in couple therapy

  • Couple therapy 140 €

    90 minutes / session in couple therapy

Fees for groups and supervision

Fees for groups and supervision: to be negotiated.


You can cancel an appointment by 12 noon the previous working day without charge. For cancellations made later than that or for no show appointments the regular fee will be charged. Please note that appointments on a Monday should be cancelled by 3 pm the previous Friday.


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